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Leveling the competitiveness of France

After the global return to growth in 2010, the necessity to level the competitiveness of France, to bet on new sources of progress, focalize our collective decisions to the requisite of global competitiveness, but also work towards an objective to promote equality of chance in each business, between France and the European countries as well as from Europe to the rest of the world, but also the requirement of respect between humans at the heart of our actions; those are the strategic pillars of the MEDEF. That is sustainable competition.

It is in this mindset that we are approaching the goals for this year. The social agenda first and foremost includes the employment of the younger generations through dialogue. Next up will be the preparation for the B20 Summit, which will constitute one of the key moments to make the business contribution heard and understood regarding the current events subjects around the world.

Important fiscal reforms, retirement policy restructuring, promoting ethical practices as a competitive advantage, first-party participation for labor groups from all sectors of industry, ‘SMB Attitude’, our reactions during the crisis of our convictions on matters of sustainable development, the MEDEF works and strives to work towards the businesses, occupying all of the economic and social sector to permit us to cross employment and growth in the years to come.

To take matters further, our participation with the 2012 presidential election will take its shape near the end of the year, and we will push forward the subjects that we as a whole are confronted with, our points of view and our propositions which reflect our full network; our wish is to create a useful platform for our country, our economy and our businesses, all without sacrificing our ambitions and our intended path forward.

The irreplaceable force of creativity in the heart of businesses must endure and encourage us all without fail.



President of the French Business Federation (MEDEF)

Chairman of the Board of Radiall

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Pierre Gattaz was elected President of MEDEF in 2013 and has been Chairman of the Board of Radiall since 1994.

Biography of Pierre Gattaz
A graduate of Telecom Bretagne (l’Ecole Nationale Superieure des Telecommunications de Bretagne) and holder of a Certificate in Administrative Management from George Washington University (USA), he was a project engineer and export project manager at Dassault Electronics from 1984 to 1989.

From 1989 to 1992, he was the Managing Director of Fontaine Electronics, and then Convergie (a subsidiary of the Dynaction Group). Pierre Gattaz became the Managing Director of Radiall in December 1992 and has been the Chairman of the Board ever since January 1994.

He was President of GIXEL (Professional Association for Electronic Components Systems, Digital Identity Industries) from 1999 to 2003, and then President and founder of the FIEN (Digital and Electronic Industries) from 2002 to 2007, before being elected President of the FIEEC (Federation of Electrical, Electronic and Communication Industries – 30 industrial unions) in 2007, at which time he joined the Executive Committee of the MEDEF (Movement of French Enterprises). From June 2010 to July 2013, he has also been President of the GFI (Group of Industrial Federations – 17 industrial federations representing 80% of French industry) and a founding member of La Fabrique (the Industry’s Think Tank).

Pierre Gattaz was elected President of the MEDEF on 3rd July 2013.

Pierre Gattaz is Knight of the French Legion of Honor and officer of the Order of Merit

Pierre Gattaz is the author of:

Le Printemps des Magiciens (Magicians’ Spring), an impassioned plea in support of industry in France (Nouveau Monde publishing house / November 2009).

Les 7 piliers de la Croissance (The 7 Pillars of Growth) which presents an analysis, by a frontline entrepreneur, of the difficulties that our country faces. He also provides details of his vision of the economy, his suggestions and his beliefs in order to bring back growth, and therefore jobs (Nouveau Monde publishing house / March 2013).

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